Admin Manager

I love being in an environment where I get to work alongside an amazing team of people everyday! Together we can improve patients lives and outlook for their future, spread hope and happiness in a fun, fulfilling, and professional way. Knowing that we are helping people and their families is what makes me happy!


Clinical Manager

People have always been my passion. As Ghandi said: “ the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” I find a piece of myself in every patient. Service to me means to walk the extra mile though innovation and by applying the knowledge you have to ensure the best outcome for every patient.


Practice Manager

Getting involved in the field of dialysis was serendipitous, an entrepreneur at heart I now get to use my love of all things health and medical as well as my passion for business and innovation to directly impact the lives of the people we treat.



I love working in a dialysis unit where I get to know my patients very well and I like to provide excellent care to patients that have been diagnosed with kidney failure


My name means “it was meant to be” - I know I was born for a purpose  - to help people in need and people who are sick.  Helping people is what makes me content


I am the cleaner and cleaning is my thing! I love my job and the people I work with because we are a happy bunch and we love smiling!


Growing up I always wanted to be a nurse, providing quality care is my passion.  I love seeing our patients happy!


It takes a special kind of person to be a health care worker.  I love working in our dialysis unit because I get to know each and every patient – they are special relationships to me.


The support that we get and give to each other has made me love my work.  I like making someone smile and doing the little things to make a person’s day better.  I like pitching in wherever I am needed.

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